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Jan. 19th, 2012



It's like the new Sherlock season had only just come upon us, and now it's already over. :(

Well, what a way to go out. Although, the final shot was a little bit better than leaving it as a cliffhanger like from Season 1, we all want to know exactly HOW was it done. There isn't a cliff like in the novel, so the big reveal must be a whole new concoction. So excited to know Sherlock 3 is definitely confirmed confirmed - although was there a doubt? how could they not do another season (even though it could take another year and more to come), it's too addicting. I love the show for the brilliant lines, the storytelling, and all the clever moments throughout both seasons. And the many references to the original novel is just too awesome ~ great work by Moffat and Gatiss. Though I really wished there were more episodes. 4 would make a nice even number. Of course I would actually like 6.

John's Blog - Season 1, Ep 2
John's blog's! I didn't realise that John Watson really had a blog online ~ I mean, yeah, he was a blogger in the series, but to actually find it was kinda cool. My sis told me about it while I was raving/talking about the Irene Adler episode. I thought it was a great idea, cos the text on the screen is kinda hard to read...hehe, yeah, I'm had been kinda curious to what John writes, especially the banter during the new season's Ep1. "Oh, don' t write about the unsolved ones.'' ---> the postnote by John on that one is funny. Also the posted comments are hilarious esp. Sherlock's and Mrs Hudson. I wonder how long it's been up, since John can't write about The Great Game until season 2 aired. Oh and even Molly has the remains of a blog too.

And Sherlock's site... as I browsed across, I noticed his recent post had 'Analysis of Tobacco Ash' with DELETED!! underneath it. I just cracked up laughing. Aww, Sherlock is miffed ... 200+ variety of tobacco ash isn't as interesting as John's entries. Also I had seen the last message under his Forum page about Bluebell before watching 'Hounds of Baskerville', so it was kinda weirdly delightful to have it mentioned in the show as though you've been there. XD.

The clips at John's blog don't play for me, but they're all on YT. The last one is something extra for us Sherlock fans. But it's awful really....I think it's the worst thing to see in this episode, having the world believe that Sherlock was a fraud. Moriarty really knew how to crush him (and us!). But I guess that is how an evil mastermind works.

I hear the making of a new US Sherlock Holmes based show, 'Elementary' will be have the detective solve crimes in New York. Wonder how that will work? If they base it on crime and deduction, it could be fine. But I think it's writers touch that makes Sherlock works so well (quite a few of my fave Dr Who (2005 onwards) episodes are from Moffat), so the bar has been set pretty high now.

Apr. 21st, 2011


JGL's 'Jiong' Face

Hee, I thought it was indeed hilarious! Mr 'Jiong SeFu' Gordon-Levitt.

I've always laughed seeing that word, because it's funny having a word making a 'face' back at you. Though I never knew that Mainland fans considered it as Joe's face - really, really  ? Wonder how that  got started... Hehe, though I just think it's rather surreal having Joe acknowledge it.

Yesterday was all sorts of movie news; with Joe's Dark Knight Rises' role finally revealed, and I had I clicked over to see the tumblr piece, and even though I knew he was filming Looper in Shanghai, I didn't realise there was a promo event there until I surprisingly saw his pic in the chinese newspaper.

And then, in the clip I found of the event, I hear him call co-star (chinese actress) Xu Qing, Summer! I guess 'Qing' means clear skies, etc, so I guess if not Spring, then Summer is apt name ~ but I mean, Summer Summer  - that is sooo '500 days' coincidentally bizarre.

 EDIT:  AND, Sohu - they actually gave him a cushion of it! LOL , I'm amused ~

Feb. 2nd, 2011


If The Clothes Fit, then It's Cosplay Time Again

Hey, got working hard on my graphics in the midst everything else. So finally I have a newie Snoopy fanart. Hope you all like it

Do you still recall all those t-shirts ...Collapse )

Happy Lunar New Year to those who celebrate it.
And pray that nature would kinder to those in the middle of it's path.

Jan. 18th, 2011



The funky hair appears again.
Hmmh mmmh; and doesn't he look red delicious. Toma-licious!

Brand new <Best Stage> scans - thanks to cookiesmon & mklia. I just love this funky hair. Been keeping an eye on the similar 'hair' appearances. And because I also love profile shots, I cropped the two different poses on right and left side above for this entry. The sweep of the hair changes the look on each. My fave would be the left side: perfect funky/cool hair plus perfect profile. ^-^

Does every movie have to be in 3D ...Collapse )

I watched 'Kyukei no Kouya' end of last year. It's quite lengthy for a short drama with some lengthy narration. I had trouble keeping up with the chinese subs some of the times. Starts off with a homicide and unraveling all sorts of mysterious events and a mystery old man. I thought Toma was well casted as the young rookie cop. Near the end of the first part, I suddenly realised how tanned he looked. In that outdoor scene in the park with Manami; he just looked so dark - seemed to be more darker than the previous scenes (even outdoor ones?). I guess that just becomes a timeline indicator around when he filmed Hanamizuki.

And during all the drama in the story, I remembered getting sidetracked when I saw the detective eating his bento box on the train.

Suddenly it lapsed into a bit of reality as the expression of him munching munching away looked so Toma-ish! He looked so cute! Seemed to be a usual Toma trait to me. Maybe it's the combination of the eyes expression and the mouth full thingy. Hahaha, reminds me a bit Nakatsu, a bit Sadame too.

And then, what do I see in the Toyota Vitz CM. More nom nom nom ~
~Excuse the use of the Toma Forum name for subject title, but eating and yummy looking Toma content seemed to be appropriate today~

Sep. 22nd, 2010


Dream within a dream within a dream

Imagine. Moonlight streaming down a glamorous city night. The streets are wreathed with a mysterious smoky air. A handsome figure approaches, he turns his head and glances across ....

It could play out like a scene in a movie, and that is exactly how the imagery of the latest batch of Emporio Armani (Fall/Winter) collection looks like. This campaign totally rocks!! Takeshi fits perfectly into the total dreamscape of the ads. I totally want to shop at Armani (who cares for the clothes, I want the poster  XD ). The HQ scans are finally coming along, and they are to die for. I could probably go writing one-shots with such great visual inspiration (there are about 4-5 shots), but my Photoshop senses buzzed excitedly as soon as I saw him in the smoke and the dark tones. *Must play with PS*

'Wu Xia' has finally started filming. Anytime now, we maybe be able to get images of the cast clashing swords over the banks of the river in Yunnan. Oh yeah, the biggest thing to have happened in my fandom world since the last LJ post is that Takeshi has taken up a new movie. It's been more than a year, but finally we have a full feature movie to anticipate in 2011. August has been pretty exciting at the forum, since he has got a new gig representing Citizen watches, the Armani stuff, the Lipton CMs (he is just adorable in them all), plus the movie. A movie, a movie ~ finally ~ *shed tears of joy*

On the other side of fandom land, Toma surprised us with a nifty, cool CM for the Final Fantasy XIV game.

Wah, it was really cooool. Like an movie trailer. Beside his big close-up, I quite liked how he walked off at the end (great profile shot, love a good profile shot!) And, with all the clothes and make-up and extras, they should have made it a longer CM. Hee - everything that is good should be longer (as any gorgeous picture should be bigger) ~ in any fandomverse.
Before the CM played, it was an interview with Toma first; and he was sporting the awesome cool hairstyle. I love (with reasons I cannot exactly pinpoint). It gives me reminiscent of the times he's had his hair kinda up in that fashion; Izumi, some parts in Endless Shock, Ningen first press conference - always a nice surprise whenever he does it (but pls no more perms). The CM gives off a more cooler/baddass look perfect for a fantasy game character. I'm not a gamer ~ but if I did, would have to at least start with Onimusha first.

Toma doing another epic movie. It's quite wonderful that the director for Ningen thought he did well enough to collaborate again. Ah, he will probably won't have time to do another butai this year. Oh well, 4 movies in 2 years is nice to us fans.

Switching over to mention my current favourite song ATM. Richie and Dai S (Barbie Hsu) has a duet for their new movie. I really love their voices together with the lovely melody. It's very sweet song. And on a interesting note; I also heard a solo version of just Richie singing the same song; and I do love it as much, or even more than the duet. I guess I like listening to him sing the entire song than every second line. I just line both versions one after another on the playlist, so the song seems extra extra long.

I also have been looping the 'Inception' soundtrack as it's pretty awesome stuff. I loved the movie, and can't wait to get the DVD by the end of the year. I had typed 'inception' into You Tube for related interviews and clips, and saw alot of people creating parodies and mash-up.  A recent one titled 'A Capella Re-Dub' is kinda silly although once you realise what is actually going on, it's so funny that you can't stop watching/listening till it's over. One of my personal fave with the use of great editing is a mash-up clip of 'Up' and 'Inception': 'Up-ception'.  ^ ^

A: "I say: Don't think about elephants. What are you thinking about?"
S: "Elephants?"

May. 20th, 2010


Kaput! goes the Computer

So, one day, my computer just died without warning.
I dreaded the worst, and it was so. My hard drive wasn't recoverable.
MY STUFF! Argh! BACK UP!! I hadn't done one for a while.... Oh..crap... 

For a few days, I couldn't bear going to look in my external hard drive. To see what I did not back up. I had thought I did a major back up in Feb or March. But it seemed only some things were backed up and weirdly some were not. And of course, all my recent recent things.... All gone.

A consolation is that my fandom stuff like pictures and clips could be found on the Net again. But the worst thing to lose were some of my Photoshop layered files, and some Word documents. They would have been all work in progress, and I don't know if I could re-create as it were before. A lot of playing PS or writing are just in that creative moment. I feel bummed about that. But can't be helped. Luckily at least my personal photos have been backed up.

Well, a new hard drive (with added memory and stuff) is weirdly empty. So have begin the rebuild of my digital world. It would probably be a good declutter time as I don't exactly remember everything I saved (that were gone). And what a work is putting all the Bookmarks back. Beside 2 or 3 website URLs, I don't think I ever remember the exact addresses for my favourite haunts without Google search.

Some quiet fandom time gives me chance to do a big re-catch up, before catching up in real time.
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May. 3rd, 2010


Ah, it's Takeshi Tea time again

All rejoice in the TK kingdom!

He got something new out. Finally, something ~

It's the new Lipton tea CM! (Yeah, and he's the face of tea again. He's becoming the TEA man)
Even though it's a little CM, but hey, he is riding elephants, he's on a big balloon, he is smiling, he's drinking tea - he's just there. *tears of joy*
I guess they are not sparing expenses on the CM. It's Takeshi, c'mon, of course, they can't waste the chance to make it great. I hope there are more versions like the Java tea ones.

Maybe, maybe next step, would be new movie. Though he can be unpredictable. I know, he can survive on just making CMs, but it's so hard on us fans (it's been more than a year since his last movie).  But I guess, for the moment, we can indulge in the CMs few minutes of Takeshi-ness. ^_^

Need to go grab some Lipton tea just for atmospheric purposes...hehe ...... 

Mar. 6th, 2010


Need more than 24 hours in a day

*yawns* so looking forward to a sleeping in tomorrow.

I been so busy recently. Even during my 'downtime' on the computer, it consists of me multi-tasking alot (not work related, of course). Finished this and that, and that now. Three neon hearts and cinematic gif.  ('_')V   So happy that I can relax.

I only finally manage to watch Toma's Jounetsu today. I remember trying to watch the sub version last week, and although I aligned my internet tabs to one side to allow me to watch and work at the same time - all that happened was: me hearing the docu's voiceover, I glanced over to the first 10-20 seconds as Toma walked down the street... and then I got absorbed on reading/doing other things on the web, that the clip played out in it's entirety without me watching anything at all. Well, that was a wasted attempt.

The Jounetsu's subs are thanks to TFS team. It's cool seeing Toma behind the scenes in so many occasions.
And the part I looked forward to; him turning up to Shun's ANN radio show.  Aww, so that is how their radio show is like; them talking across the desk, the surrounding of the radio show. I'm so glad they included that part in the show (although so little of it). I just really love hearing/reading their chit chats and stories and laughs. And them laughing like crazy at the end. The 'stocking head' pictures... hehehe. But then, the sad news is that Shun's ANN is finishing up this month. NO MORE Toma guestings. No more bantering on air together. Awww...bah.

And, while we're not completely finished all the Ningen stuff yet, Seaside's stuff is coming up. Toma fun-ness in a ensemble of crazy antics - so yah! And although, I think he is wearing shorts, the last shot of the trailer seems like he wasn't wearing any pants...! Ha, just the camera angle.

Back on Ningen, so the latest news is that the movie is being released in HK, Taiwan and Singapore (and that he may go over there to promote too). Bigger audience, yeah, go Toma! I say, this is really promising for my part - even if I'm no where near those countries. If if it gets HK release, then then surely HK will release a subbed version DVD in future AND maybe they might even include special HK movie promo events if Toma attends there (becoming too wishful now....heee). And also, all 3 countries are chinese based, which means, I would be able to read the news reports. Double yah!

Oh, I guess, we have a little - film festival in our part too. Ningen or Seaside could be screened here (subbed too). Usually we get directors (reasonably famous and so) that attends but I don't expect actors to come. But a big screen viewing would be cool. I was hoping for K-20 last year but that didn't happen.

And for today's post, I won't whinge on someone's continuing vacation, even though it deserves a mumble grumble . . .

Feb. 7th, 2010


Movie #2 opens in their Summer

Oh, just read in BaiDu; 'Seaside Motel' has a date! Public release is 5th June. Summer in Japan! Perfect.

Ah, Feb for Ningen, June for Seaside, and August for Hanamizuki. Wonder if he'll have time to do a drama between Ningen and Seaside. Need a little more Toma watching.

I am still patiently waiting for subs for Toma's Jonetsu Tairiku. Since it's not really anything spoilerish, I don't mind looking through caps from others and reading comments. Somehow, I am really looking forward to seeing Toma attend Shun's radio show. I think it's because I get to hear them having so much fun on the show, but never be able to see them there, visually, so that makes it more curious to me. It will be good to get a visual feel of their talk time (even though I know it only be a short moment). XD

And new Giorgio Armani ad campaign is out. He's back (again). Takeshi, you are driving us crazy. Get a script ~ *must own a movie with your new haircut*

I been bit up and down past week from some online incidents. So good news is always good remedy. Just get back into the right mood, and let me get my claws right into the layout again. It's time for more sunshine!

Jan. 24th, 2010


Yesssss !

Liar Game 2 has finally finished! That means, I can now start watching the show. No need to hang waiting out for a new eps to come out. And...

Yes! Toma appears on the Ningen Shikakku website in his full handsome glory.
I had forgotten about the JE picture policy (well, I did wondered about it for this movie last year, but flew out of my mind, since the website never had any pics for a long while). So it's good that his image is featured on the site, and there is no deliberate defacing of his pictures (as they do on his drama sites). And...

Yes! I've finally - yes finally finished my Xmas graphic gifties. Oh dear, they were supposed be a little appreciation for few online friends for the goodies they have shared with me over the year, and to tie in with the festive season...but it's taken me nearly a month later  *fail*   I couldn't believe how stuck I was for inspiration. So many pictures, so little ways to get them perfectly together (I am a bit of a perfectionist, that is the problem)  *heads desk*

So, now I can move on to the next projects. Decos for two forums is up for a change. I want purple for the STK, but may end up with vanilla cream....but ideas for banner is totally nada at the moment. Tomalicious side; part of a creative team, and there is a strict schedule happening (courtesy of fussy me)...hehehe... And HEY, Toma fans, please sharpen your creativeness...banners will be required for the forum soon.

Oh yeah, also did some templates for Tomalicious' Toma-entries. Funny how it was a different perspective deliberately making space in a graphic instead of filling up canvas space.
Preview ...Collapse )

Ah, I love PS when inspiration is flowing. Yesssss!   \(^_^)/

And more little spurts of exclaims -
Yes! New season of 'House' returns to TV. Yes! Richie is looking good in his new movie! Actually it's his usual self, but that is great, unlike the perm that they made him sport in one previous to this, and the ugly beard and costume in another cameo stint. And Yes!  It's good that some things just work out fine in their own sweet way.


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